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ABS Turbocompressor HST 20

The New Generation of World-Class Turbocompressor

Sulzer Pumps has long been the leader in turbocompressors for the wastewater industry. This leadership is cemented by the new ABS turbocompressor HST 20, which represents our third generation of fully air-cooled turbocompressor technology.

Sulzer Pumps was the first with direct-driven high-speed turbocompressors for wastewater aeration processes, which we introduced nearly twenty years ago. With over 1500 direct-driven turbocompressors at many hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, we possess the largest base of machines and expertise in the wastewater industry.


Advances Built on Proven Technology

With exceptional savings from wire to air, our new turbocompressor gives you more output for every kilowatt. And by integrating silencers and other accessories, it makes for a smaller, quieter, more cost-effective installation.

Add the stability of magnetic bearings and intuitive control to optimize your process, and the ABS turbocompressor HST 20 is the very definition of continued leadership.

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ABS EffeX Revolution

The ABS EffeX Revolution is all about new thinking. About stretching the limits, achieving performances not possible before. To develop new concepts that solve the problems faced by the wastewater industry.
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